Media & Publications

What we serve and how they get ?

What are the benefits of your network clouds to your internal customers, and do you know exactly where you stand with it? Do you have all the information to keep the level of services your enterprise needs? Where your network stands relative to your cloud strategies? What is the value? We know all things.

Web Application

Desktop application for news networks demands a strong CMS service for their website or application and we are able to do it.

Mobile Application

Mobile applications are designed for every single user for theit news network. so They are flexible and understandable.

Data support

News agencies have large amount of data in the forms of images and videos. But they are managed very well with softcom data support service.


We specialize in application services. We provide all the services from scratch to media & publication industry.

If you are looking for an optimization of your network, affordable & long-term technical support - We are the right partner for you.